1. SECURITY- Installed security cameras at the North and South entrances. Also, improved security by changing security companies staffing guardhouses and; worked with the City to install “No Loitering” signs in the neighborhood (2009-10).

2. CRIME WATCH- Established a Neighborhood Crime Watch and on-going communication with City officials responsible for safety and other issues related to our neighborhood (2007). 


3. LUGO ENTRANCE- Added landscaping, irrigation and lighting to the main Lugo entrance (2012); A new monument wall was approved for the south side of the Lugo entrance and built in 2013.


4. OLD CUTLER ROAD SIGN- Made an official request to the City of Coral Gables to take over maintenance of the wall and signage on the NE corner of Lugo and Old Cutler Road. 


5. TRAFFIC- Advocated for the construction of traffic calming measures including traffic circles in our community.  The first two circles and bike paths have been completed along Bella Vista (2007-08); a new traffic circle has been recently completed at the intersection of Lugo and 57th Avenue (2012-14). A police officer is now directing traffic during the peak school hours in the morning and in the afternoon at our main entrance on Lugo and Old Cutler Road (2012).


6. CORAL BAY PARK- Worked with the City to make improvements to the park including new gazebo (2006-07); Volleyball net (2009) and other amenities including a new playground and landscaping (2013).


7. BRIDGE- Worked with the City of Coral Gables to provide regular maintenance to the bridge including fixing cracks, trimming vegetation and painting the bridge (2012).


8. GULLIVER- Negotiated an agreement with Gulliver Schools that includes a number of conditions including closing the Campamento’s service gate on a permanent basis and adding landscaping along Gulliver’s fence on Campamento and Bernal (2010-2012).

Association Achievements