Community Projects & Improvements

New landscaping, irrigation and lighting added to the North side of the Lugo Avenue & Old Cutler Road entrance in 2012. 


New monument wall, landscaping, irrigation and lighting completed for the south side of the lugo and old cutler road entrance. 


New monument wall and landscaping planned for pinecrest entrance to be completed in 2013.


Traffic circle at the intersection of Lugo Avenue and Red Road completed in 2014.


New playground at Gables By The Sea’s Coral Bay park approved in 2012 and completed in 2013.


Campamento improvements completed in 2012. Improvements included: Gulliver’s closure of service gate, which reduced the daily traffic of delivery trucks in and out of our community. New landscaping and irrigation were added along Campamento and Bernal.  Reduction of speed limit in Pinecrest By The Sea approved in 2012.


Police officer directing traffic at the intersection of Old Cutler Road and Lugo Avenue to keep traffic moving and prevent cars from blocking the intersection during peak traffic hours in the morning and afternoon during school days. 


New shade trees requested for Gables By The Sea as part of the neighborhood renaissance program which was put in place by the city to preserve and enhance the heritage and beauty of Coral Gables. Upgrades to Coral Gables lift station at Coral Park completed in 2012. 


New landscaping to hide lift station from public view completed in 2012.


Bridge repairs and maintenance completed in the fall of 2012.