Yes, we have a very active community crime watch program.  Longtime resident Helen Sonenreich manages the program.  All residents are encouraged to share their contact information in order to receive neighborhood newsletters and alerts.  To be added to the list, please email with “Crime Watch” in the subject line.


We are fortunate to have two police departments patrolling our neighborhood.  We encourage everyone to report anything suspicious to the police.  We are their eyes and they very much need us to report what we see and hear.

According to Coral Gables and Pinecrest Police, the community has been almost crime free during this past year. Most incidents reported were things stolen from cars that were left unlocked overnight. The police credited the new security cameras and security company for the low rate of crimes in the neighborhood. The Police also praises the neighbors and neighborhood watch for being alert and quick to report any suspicious activity.  Below are some of the recommendations and tips given by the police:

1. BE careful with trash left in front of your homes which may reveal new purchases such as computers, TV's, etc.


2. LET the police know when you are on vacation


3. DO NOT cancel newspapers or mail which would let that many more people know that you are out of town.  Instead have a neighbor take these items in for you and watch your home.


4. DO NOT leave expensive items in sight in locked or unlocked cars


5. CALL  police should you see suspicious activity, suspicious person(s).



Non-Emergency Coral Gables, 305-442-1600

Non-Emergency Pinecrest, 305-234-2100

2010-11 -- Report 

One of our neighbors had their front door kicked in while they were out for a walk and other family members were visibly inside the home.  The perpetrator did not gain entry.  Since our neighbor was actually outside and does not recall having seen any vehicles, she wonders if access to her block was not made via water.    

The second incident was a burglary.  Appliances were stolen from a construction site. 

There have been other smaller incidents of crime that have occurred in our neighborhood like patio furniture being stolen from one of our Pinecrest by the Sea neighbors and car break ins.  


We would like to express the importance of reporting any and all types of crimes to our police departments.  The amount of police presence within our gates depends on the type of criminal activity being reported.  If we don’t report the crimes, we will see less of a police presence which may be contributing to more criminal activity.   The police need to be aware of what is happening.  Please report any and all criminal activity.


Program these Important Contact Numbers into Your Phone


Police & Fire

Non-Emergency Coral Gables: 305-442-1600

Non-Emergency Pinecrest: 305-234-2100

Tree Trimming, Code Enforcement, Parks, Traffic and Other City Services:

Coral Gables City Hall: 305-446-6800

Village of Pinecrest: 305-234-2121

Mosquito Control and Other Miami-Dade County Services 

CALL 311

Florida Wildlife Control- Alligator Nuisance 


Nuisance Crocodiles:  FWC 1-866-392-4286